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Welcome to the Center of Learning, Language, and Behavior (CoLLAB)!

We are excited to share with you information about our research, academic program, students, and collaborators. 


Our Mission

At CoLLAB, we work with children with intellectual, developmental, and emotional disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder, and their families. Our research is collectively focused on teaching individuals communication skills, social skills, and coping skills. Our group conducts participatory therapy, which means that we involve the entire family in developing teaching programs for the participating child. We don't view disabilities as something that families suffer from; rather, we aim to empower individuals and their families with skills that will help them be successful.

Latest Publications

Dr. Borrero's Lab

* denotes student authors. 

*Chen, E., Borrero, C. S. W., *Frank-Crawford, M. A., & Borrero, J. C. Accumulated and distributed reinforcer arrangements in the treatment of pediatric food refusal. Behavioral Interventions.


*Castillo, M. I., *Frank-Crawford, M. A., Liesfeld, J. E., Doan, T. M., Newcomb, E. T., Rooker, G. W., & Borrero, J. C. (2022). Do persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities prefer to save the best for last in an MSWO? A preliminary investigation. Behavioral Interventions.


Borrero, J. C., *Rosenblum, A. K., *Castillo, M. I., *Spann, M. W., & Borrero, C. S. W. (2022). Do children who exhibit food selectivity prefer to save the best (bite) for last? Behavioral Interventions, 37(2), 529-544.


*Mendres-Smith, A. E., Borrero, J. C., *Castillo, M. I., *Davis, B. J., *Becraft, J. L., & Hussey-Gardner, B. (2020). Tummy time without the tears: The impact of parent positioning and play. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 53(4), 2090-2107.

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